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Malletts Bay Fire Department began in 1951 as a solution to a problem raised by many Colchester Towns People.  Prior to 1950, Burlington Fire Department, Winooski Fire Department, and Essex Junction Fire Department provided fire protection to the Town of Colchester.  The cost of this protection in 1950 was $1,839 for Burlington Fire Department and $50 for Winooski Fire Department per year.

The solution to the problem was to create two separate fire organizations, Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company and Malletts Bay Fire Department were born.  The Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company (CCVFC) was formed as a private organization that contracted its services to the Town of Colchester.

Malletts Bay Fire Department was unique though.  The Town of Colchester created a separate Fire District, Colchester Center Fire District # 2. During the first meeting of this Fire District, a Prudential Committee was elected by the residents that lived within the new fire district.  This Prudential Committee would oversee the operations of the Colchester Point Fire Department (later to be re-named Malletts Bay Fire Department) and the Colchester Center District #2 Water Department.

When the department began in 1951, the fire station had not yet been completed.  A temporary garage was setup on Porters Point road to serve as the station until the main one had been built.  The main station was soon completed and the department began operations from the Church Road station.

When MBFD moved into its Church Road station the department had the following apparatus:

  1. A 1951 Chevy Pumper with a 500 g.p.m. pump and a 500 gallon water tank
  2. A Studabaker 500 gal. kerosene tanker that was used to haul water 
  3. A 1939 Chevy pickup that carried two 55 gallon drums which were used to fill Indian packs at brush fires.

In 1952, the department had a total of 13 members and responded to a total of 23 calls within Malletts Bay and assisted CCVFD at 4 calls.

Through the years, MBFD has changed. We now are at full staff  and have a total of 7 pieces of apparatus in operation. In addition to Fire Emergencies, we now respond to Medical Calls, Water Emergencies and assist the State Haz-mat team.

MBFD Station
Crew of the Malletts Bay Fire Department







Department Training

The members of the Malletts Bay Fire Department meet each Tuesday night from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  During this time the members take part in training as well as a weekly equipment checks. 

Summer Training 2008






Mutual - Aid

MBFD works closely with Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company, Burlington Fire Department and Winooski Fire Department in a coordinated system.   






Prudential Board

Colchester Fire District #2 is set up as a municipal entity in accordance with the laws of Vermont. CFD # 2 provides water service and fire protection to the southwestern portion of Colchester Vermont. The district as it is referred to, is overseen by a board of elected members. This board is referred to as the prudential board.

The district is required to have at least 3 members and may decide to have additional members as the voters see fit. We currently have 5 members of the board. A chairperson is elected after each annual meeting to serve for one year.

The district holds meetings each month on the second Thursday at 7pm in the fire department. The meetings are open to the public for comments and questions and to hear and review the business of the water and fire departments. The annual district meeting is a time for voters of the district to hear reports, vote on budgets and vote for members of the board.

The annual meeting happens on the 4th Monday night in January and is “posted” 30 days prior in accordance with Vermont law.